There’s plenty to do in the wilderness city.  Click on the links below for a preview of what’s in store for you.

The wilderness city

Main Street

Lots on action on Main between First and Fourth Avenue

MacBride Museum

First and Wood Street, downtown Whitehorse on the waterfront. Plenty of historical information and interpretive displays.

Other museums include The Transportation Museum and the Berengia Centre – on the highway close to the airport.

S.S. Klondike

Visit this sternwheeler berthed on the banks of the Yukon River at the end of Second Avenue

Historical Walking Tour

Listen to music in Lepage Park and then join a walking tour to see some of the historical buildings.

Art galleries


The waterfront is an attraction in downtown Whitehorse – 2 parks, a new totem pole, and a cultural centre.

Yukon River

The source of the Yukon river is the Llewellyn Glacier in Atlin, BC and it flows 3,190 kilometres to empty into the Bering Sea in Alaska.  A little bit of it flows through Whitehorse.